02.2 - summer gutter cleaning

4 Gutter Issues in the Summer You Need to Know

You would not anticipate gutter problems during the hot summer months given the high temperatures. Unfortunately, that assumption is completely false. Like every other season, summer brings a whole new set of dangers to your property and gutters.

Pests in Gutter

Your gutter system may become a haven for birds, mosquitoes, and other insects if moist waste accumulates there. The animals that eat insects and birds follow suit once they arrive. That implies that frogs, lizards, rats, and snakes might be drawn to your dirty gutters. Nobody wants those disgusting creatures living close to their homes.

Mold Development

Your gutters may gather waste over time, which may eventually begin to degrade. This is a haven for mold growth. Unfortunately, if this mold is allowed to spread unchecked, it could invade your home’s interior or even climb up onto your roof (see below). Your entire family’s health may suffer as a result of this.

Dried Leaves

Pine needles and dead, dried leaves from the hot, dry summers wind up accumulating in your gutters. Even while these disintegrating pieces of leaf might not appear particularly hazardous, rising temperatures might cause a spark in your gutters that starts a fire.

Gutter Damage

Your gutters could have been harmed without your notice following the significant spring rainfall. Your gutters may leak as a result of this damage or a systemic obstruction. Damage to your foundation and roof may result from faulty gutters.

How to Address These Typical Gutter Problems

What is the remedy for these typical summertime gutter problems? We recommend the next.

Have Your Gutters Cleaned Correctly

A professional cleaning of your gutter system can be the only preventive action you need to take to address the problems brought on by accumulation in your gutters. Pests won’t be drawn to your system without the trash, mold won’t have a place to grow, and there won’t be dry leaves to start a fire. A thorough cleaning can do wonders.

Have Your Gutters Inspected

You can have your gutters checked for damage while they are being cleaned regularly by using a professional gutter cleaning service. You won’t have to worry about the security of your house in this way.

Making sure to prevent or address these summer gutter issues will help keep your gutter system in good shape for the upcoming fall weather. After all, fall leaves pose a significant problem for your gutters as well.