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Gutter cleaning should be done at least twice a year, if not more frequently. If you have pine trees near your property, you may want to clear your gutters once every three months.

A clogged downspout can result from a buildup of leaves, dirt, or anything else that may find its way into the gutters. This obstruction leaves standing water behind, eventually leading to an overflow. If not removed, decomposing leaves in your gutter can lead to a rotting mess and a thriving environment for insects and pests alike.

Of course, you can! But it’s not something we would recommend.

As a starting point, the question of safety is paramount. You must climb a ladder to clean your gutters, which can result in catastrophic injury if not done properly. Be aware that anything from bees’ nests to opossums, and more, might create a home in your gutter system if you’re not careful.

Other downsides of DIY gutter cleaning include lack of experience and the right equipment. Rain gutter cleaning is a full-time job for a gutter cleaner. What’s more, a professional would be able to spot any additional problems, such as rotting fascia board or leaky gutters, that you may not be aware of.

A lot will rely on your house’s size and the number of levels. Cleaning your gutters by hand can take several hours if you do it yourself. Sadly, owners of two- or three-story homes typically overlook gutters that are difficult to access.

Why? Because getting to higher floors of a house can be difficult with standard ladders because they are too short, and sometimes even the landscaping gets in the way. Gutter cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance, but if you skip it or neglect it, you risk causing costly damage to your roof and foundation.

According to the size of your home and the number of levels, gutter cleaning costs can vary. You may find that the cost of gutter cleaning is influenced by the number of staff working on your gutters. Requesting a free estimate upfront is the best way to get the greatest price.

A company’s price should be scrutinized before the issue is assessed on-site, as this might lead to the team uncovering areas of specific concern that may impede work or result in additional expenses on your bill.

House Painting

While painting your home may seem like a purely aesthetic improvement, the truth is that a fresh coat of paint can also serve as a protective barrier. The paint on your home’s exterior and interior walls works as a protective skin, shielding the underlying surface materials from harm and wear.

Paint has a significant influence in determining your home’s overall aesthetic appeal as well as the ambiance it conveys. It’s vital to consider this when choosing colors, so ask our team of experienced pros for their professional opinion and advice if you have any questions.

While it is feasible to paint a house independently, it is typically far more convenient to let the experts handle the task. We will ensure that the painted area is properly prepped and cleaned up afterward, letting you sit back and relax instead of taking down tape, setting up ladders, etc. Our skilled painting professionals will ensure that the painted area is properly prepped and cleaned up afterward.

Not necessarily. You can feel secure knowing that your home is in excellent hands, even if you must leave for a while to run errands. At the same time, your painting project is being completed because we make it a point only to engage the most seasoned, highly talented, and dependable professionals as part of our business.

The scope of the project will have a significant impact on the response given. While most residential painting tasks may be finished in under a week, more extensive, complicated, and commercial projects typically take a little longer.

Our team of expert home painters will be able to offer you a more exact estimate of when your task will be finished when we visit to do your consultation.

Power Washing

In reality, there is no difference in meaning between the two words. Our service can be referred to using either term. Do not worry about the word “pressure” or “power.” When cleaning, our specialists know how much pressure to use on each surface.

Your home’s surfaces can be severely damaged by excessive pressure. You can peel the siding off a house, etch a deck permanently, or injure yourself if high pressure contacts your skin or clothing without sufficient training.

Our highly trained and certified professionals will care for your home to the highest standards. The pressure cleaning procedures used by Fuquay Varina Gutter Cleaning & Power Washing have been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe.

Pricing depends on many factors, as usual. But as a reference, the range typically starts at $159 for 500 SQ FT, $179 for 2,500 SQ FT, and sometimes as little as $99 (plus tax) for a 1,000 SQ FT area.

Overall, it’s best to request a proper estimate from your contractor and negotiate the price to fit your budget.

Inexperienced pressure washers can suddenly find themselves in the grips of a science experiment. Pressure washer performance is heavily influenced by factors such as the washing surface, cleaning solution, pressure, and even the pressure washer model you’re using. What’s more, how long will they stay clean?

Our professionals have over a decade of experience cleaning even the most challenging surfaces. We’ve covered everything you need: vinyl siding, equipment, and insurance if you’re looking for a clean surface.

Every two years, you should have your house washed by a professional to prevent dirt and grime from building up and damaging your property. We’ve mastered the art of doing the laundry in the place.

When cleaning your home, you want chemicals that are safe for your family’s health and ones that will do the job long-term. Everything we do is guaranteed, and you can rest easy knowing your home is being serviced by an experienced professional with your best interests at heart.

Window Cleaning

We have the ability to clean both types of surfaces. When it comes to working on the interior of your home, our professionals have extensive training. That means we’ll leave your furnishings, floors, and window treatments exactly as we found them.

All of our products are safe for use in the home and are biodegradable. Fabrics and flooring may be damaged if ammonia or alcohol-based solutions are used. We’d be happy to provide you with a complete list of our used products.

We accept one-time customers, but most clients choose our twice-yearly interior and exterior or quarterly exterior cleanings. Regular customers can also request a scheduled maintenance routine from us on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, depending on your needs.

We’re here for you all year long! Snowy days and scorching summers are no match for our cleaning prowess. Even though it’s raining, we can clean if it’s not blowing or driving. It is safe to say that a slight rain won’t impact our technicians or your windows.

Window spots are caused not by the rain itself but rather by rain hitting a dirty window screen as it travels down the street. To maintain the high standard of our cleaning services for you, we need to be able to retain our highly trained experts throughout the year.

In most cases, the window cleaning costs $99 per room. If you haven’t had your windows professionally cleaned in a while, the number of windows you have and the specific sort of window they are all come into play.

If you’d like a free estimate, we can send a qualified technician to your home, and they’ll show you how to count the windows.


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Gutter Cleaning

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Our workers use professional equipment and techniques to give you the best and most efficient results possible.

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Don’t worry about dirty windows again! We can do scheduled maintenance work to keep your windows spotlessly clean!