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Visit them, and we’ll show you where their beer is manufactured and how it’s done. The brewery, conveniently located only down the road from their many dining establishments, is a fascinating spot to see the various stages of beer production.

Browse around.

Please take a tour, taste a ton of beer, and then stick around for more fun and games in their brewery taproom after the term ends. Take some time to unwind on the patio, where you may even play a round of cornhole if you want.

They offer a selection of merchandise at the brewery, including t-shirts, coffee mugs, and pint glasses.


The Smokehouse

In March 2011, Aviator SmokeHouse was established as a companion establishment to Aviator Tap House, which is situated just across the street. They have always enjoyed smoking meat in the backyard, and they decided to share their family recipes with everyone so they may try them. They provide smoked pig, smoked ribs done in the St. Louis manner, smoked onion rings produced in-house, and smoked chicken wings. Every item on their menu is prepared in-house, and most ingredients come from regional suppliers. Be careful when choosing one of their wing sauces since some have a considerably higher heat level than others. The Ghost Chili Pepper used to make their MocoLoco sauce has a heat level roughly equivalent to one million Scoville units. All of their other spices, including MocoLoco, Crazy, Monster, Buffalo, BlackMamba, and Aviator, are made in-house using beer and fresh ingredients sourced from the surrounding area.



9.2% alc/vol SRM: 4 IBU: 31

This Tripel brew will cause you to develop hair in areas where you do not want it. The taste of their Tripel is fruity and spicy, and it ends with a touch of sweetness. The color of their drink is golden. Because it contains candy sugar, Devil’s Tripel has a more delicate flavor than other beers. They use the perfect quantity of hops to create harmony between the bitter and sweet flavors.

HOGWILD India Pale Ale

6.7% alc/vol SRM: 5 IBU: 108

A golden brew that is produced by combining Vienna malts with Pale Ale. A true celebration of Chinook, Columbus, and Cascade hops, followed by adding Magnum and Williamette for dry hopping. An award-winning beer with an assertive hop profile that is also quite refreshing


4.8% alc/vol SRM: 14 IBU: 41

A traditional kind of wheat beer produced in the United States using equal parts barley and white wheat. In addition to that, they use the delicious orange puree to flavor this beer. During the sweltering months of summer, a beer that is enjoyable to drink and will satisfy your thirst.


6.1% alc/vol SRM:14 IBU:41

An Irish Red Ale that is rather traditional. This brew has a slight hoppiness to it and is rather aggressive. The malt has a sweetness, and the aftertaste is quite dry. This brew has a fantastic flavor thanks to the traditional East Kent Goldings hop variety, a dash of toasted barley, and a pleasant touch of Cascade. A substantial amount of crystal malt combined with roasted barley.


6.5% alc/vol SRM: 20 IBU: 11

This stout oatmeal is packed with flavor thanks to dark roasted grains and two rows of barley in the brewing process—a chocolate-flavored oatmeal stout with a full-bodied texture and the silky smoothness that comes from the oatmeal.


5.2% alc/vol SRM:4 IBU:34

Crackpot Pils is a Bohemian-style Pilsner with a clean and pleasant taste and is brewed with Hallertau and Saaz hops traditionally.


4.8% alc/vol SRM: 14 IBU: 41

brews an easy-drinking IPA using hops from Oregon and Yakima, both of which are located in the American Northwest. Keep you going all day with the session ale of lesser strength.


5.2% alc/vol SRM:4 IBU:15

The drink of choice for pirates the world over is 3BONES KOLSCH… It is a beer that can be enjoyed all day long and allows you to fire your cannons and hit your target.


5.0% alc/vol SRM:4 IBU:19

An easy drinking delicious beer. This excellent lager is cold-aged for six weeks and features noble hop varietals that contribute to a crisp finish.


6% alc/vol SRM:6 IBU:45

An India Pale Ale brewed in the New England style and hopped heavily with late additions of several hops, including Apollo, Citra, Galaxy, Vic Secret, and El Dorado.

Delicious despite the haze.


5.4% alc/vol SRM:29 IBU:15

A delicious porter with cappuccino and vanilla added to it for some added flavor—a beer with a substantial body with the taste of tiramisu.


5.4% alc/vol SRM:9 IBU:35

Their pumpkin beer! Using real pumpkins as the base ingredient. A fine ale brewed with dark malts and flavored with autumn spices served cold. The pumpkin flavor is not overpowering, and it goes well with the aftertaste of the beer. Prepare yourself for the pleasant weather of autumn and celebrate with the PumpkinBeast.


6.1% alc/vol SRM:16 IBU:21

Get ready to celebrate in grand style! When Oktoberfest comes, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate with a genuine German-style fest bier. Put on your most impressive pair of lederhosen, grab a stein, and start singing some German beer-drinking tunes! Prost!


5.4% alc/vol SRM:13 IBU:27

A beer style that is uniquely American. Consider the time of the gold rush and San Francisco at the time. Prospectors from all over the nation converged in San Francisco in search of gold and sampled the distinctive beer made in that city. Because of the chilly air in the bay region, the open container of unfermented beer being chilled on the brewery’s roof would have a thick cloud of fog hanging over it as it cooled. People They’re under the impression that the beer was hot.


5.2% alc/vol SRM:4 IBU:10

The city of Goslar in Germany is credited with being the birthplace of the top-fermented beer known as gose and brewed using malted wheat. Coriander is the predominant flavor, and adding Himalayan sea salt lends a pronounced salinity to the dish.

For more information, visit their website or call them at (919) 346-8206 Learn more here.