05.2 - professional gutter cleaning

Expert Tips to Clean Gutters


Like death and taxes, blocked gutters are an unavoidable part of life. When a mix of leaves, moss, twigs, and other debris accumulates, you have a problem. If you put off gutter cleaning for too long, these components will degrade and provide an ideal breeding environment for seeds, moss, and weeds blown onto the roof or dropped by birds. Insects and even vermin may eventually find this an appealing nesting place. Fortunately, frequent gutter cleaning is a simple method to avoid this.

Clearing away trash and wiping down the gutter is the minimum for preventing gutter issues, but a professional cleaning goes much further. Telescopic gutter cleaning and vacuum equipment guarantee that all leaves, moss, and debris are obliterated. In addition to emptying gutters, water-fed pole technology and specialized detergents may be used to restore and revitalize the exterior appearance of guttering and fascia.


Increases their lifespan

The buildup of leaves and other debris will not only produce blockages that prevent rainfall from flowing away from the structure. Still, it will also cause the gutters to rust and finally break. As a result, frequent cleaning is required if you want them to last longer.

Prevents water damage

Gutters direct water away from the property and its foundations by channeling it off the roof. However, a clogged drain may prevent this process, causing your foundations to flood and your roof to leak. This will have disastrous long-term effects. The stability of your property may be 

jeopardized, which may lower the value of the structure.

Stops animals nesting

Cleaning your gutters can remove leaves, twigs, and other debris that may serve as nesting and breeding areas for pests, including rats, mice, and termites insects that spread viruses.


Risk of falling

The biggest reason not to undertake this profession is its danger to you. Working at a height is a primary cause of fatalities and catastrophic life-altering injuries. Professionals using the proper equipment may remove obstructions without going up to the roof. If a closer examination is required, they will have adequately built ladders, harnesses, and other safety precautions in place. The typical homeowner has a ladder, basic cleaning supplies, and nothing more. You must decide if the danger is worthwhile.

You may damage the gutters.

If you last cleaned the gutter a while ago, there is a good chance that some damage has happened. Perhaps it has gotten broken or corroded. A specialist will be able to solve these issues. Cleaning them yourself may aggravate the situation.

You could make yourself ill.

Long-neglected gutters are likely to be packed with stagnant water, decaying vegetation, and mold, which may make you feel highly unwell if you are not educated to remove the obstruction properly.


You’re paying for a level of expertise.

These gentlemen have cleaned hundreds of gutters. They understand how to be safe and how to identify gutter issues that may cause costly property damage.

You’ll get quick results.

An expert will do the task much more quickly and effectively if you have only done the job seldom if you are unlikely to have the necessary equipment. You may be surprised at how much labor is required.

They know about gutters.

The specialist will quickly evaluate the gutter for indicators of deterioration as well as wear and tear, but you may not detect rust or fractures surrounding your gutters. Said a professional will never overlook them.


Cleaning will be done from the ground up, using a specifically built and fitted brush system softly and efficiently reaching into all crevices and eliminating all traces of filth and contaminants.

It is a method that speeds up the procedure, makes it less untidy, and eliminates the chance of harm to your home or garden. Fuquay Varina Gutters & Power Washing employs ecologically safe and biodegradable cleaning chemicals for gutter cleaning to provide you with even more peace of mind.

Fuquay Varina Gutters & Power Washing is the industry leader in providing cutting-edge cleaning services.