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Owners When their youngest children, who are now adults, began playing youth hockey together in Raleigh, MaryAnn Durborrow and Tim Reichert became family friends. Their children are now close friends. Even though MaryAnn has owned and ran several companies, she has never been involved in the craft beer market. MaryAnn was initially skeptical, but after trying the Hefeweizen and the Pomegranate Honey Witbier, she was converted. MaryAnn and Tim got down to business immediately to make their goal a reality. The Fainting Goat Brewing Company opened its doors on October 8, 2015, with the assistance of many friends, co-workers, and family members. They continue to brew high-quality, handmade beer in small amounts today.

Why Laughing Matter Isn’t for the Fainting Goat

It was discovered that Tim “suffered” from a condition known as Laughter-Induced Syncope a few years before the brewery’s opening. This disorder is the same as it sounds like it would be. Tim’s friends eventually gave him the nickname “the fainting goat,” They frequently tried to induce his fainting episodes by making him laugh and joke. The process of branding a brewery is a challenging one, and much to their delight, they discovered that there was not another Fainting Goat Brewing Company operating anywhere in the world.

They began in a kitchen, then moved to a garage, and they were inspired to do so by their love of high-quality craft beer when they decided to elevate their home-brewing pastime to a more professional level. The Fainting Goat Brewing Company was established after forming a partnership with an experienced and knowledgeable buddy in the business world. Their company produces small amounts of carefully brewed beer of the highest possible quality. In addition to their flagship beers and seasonal options, look for limited releases of their other brews.

They are a veteran and women-owned and operated brewery established in 2014 and has sites in both Fuquay-Varina and Benson, North Carolina. They have a wide selection of artisan beers available, and their establishment has a laid-back vibe with patios that are dog-friendly and outdoor fire pits. Wi-Fi is not available in any of our taprooms because they place a high value on face-to-face communication. Come hang out, play games, have a friendly conversation, or make new friends.


Hootenanny American Pale Ale (6.5% ABV 45 IBU)

Their American Pale Ale has a gorgeous sunny orange-gold color, hopped with Simcoe, Mosaic, and Citra hops. The aroma of this beer is tropical and citrusy. This beer has terrific low notes and just the right amount of bitterness; it is crisp, clean, and well-balanced.

BrewQuay Double Buck DIPA (7.6% ABV 82 IBU)

To produce a robust but approachable Double India Pale Ale, they combined six distinct hop varieties with a variety of malts, which provided a slightly sweet malty backbone for the beer. Before they dry-hopped this beast with Amarillo to add some gentle floral and citrus undertones, they added hops from Columbus, Chinook, Centennial, Glacier, and Cluster to contribute some earthy, piney, and spicy notes.

Popomegranate Witbier (5.3% ABV)

Honey and 100% pomegranate juice are added late in the Pomegranate Wit’s fermentation process, resulting in a Belgian white beer that is both light and refreshing. This beer has a beautiful balance between the sweetness from the malt, the very little bitterness from the hops, and the tartness that comes toward the end.

Der Hoof Hefeweizen (5.4% ABV) 

Their classic German wheat beer, Der Hoof, is brewed using Hallertau and teenager hops, considered among the noblest in the world. The body of der hoof is light and features undertones of banana and clove notes with practically slight hop bitterness. ​

Horny Honey Wildflower Witbier

(5.3% ABV)

The Horny Honey Wildflower Wit is a Belgian white beer that is light and pleasant. It is made with honey from North Carolina wildflowers. The Horny Honey has a soft body, a hazy golden hue, a delicate sweetness, and a slight hop bitterness, all of which contribute to the beer’s high drinkability. ​


Dark Hoof Dunkelweizen (4.9% ABV)

Their original Hefeweizen was given a darker makeover to become Dark Hoof. After adding a significant quantity of malted wheat, Munich, Vienna, and caramel malt, they hopped the mixture using Hallertau and teenager hops, considered excellent varieties. This limited seasonal beer the doctor ordered is perfect for autumn.

Availability is restricted to the fall season only.

No Kidding Belgian Wit (4.5% ABV)

Their interpretation of a classic Belgian white beer is brewed using this beer. They made this light and delightful summer beer using malted white wheat and 2-row barley, used a modest quantity of Czech Saaz hops, and added large amounts of coriander, orange peel, and tangerine peel. There’s no exaggeration involved: this beer is ideal on a hot summer day.

Spring and summer are the available seasons for purchase.

Not So Pale Chocolate Ale (5.5% ABV)

Their classic American Pale Ale, the Not So Pale Chocolate Ale, has been given a wonderfully dark spin with the addition of chocolate. Cascade and centennial are the hops used in brewing Their chocolate ale. The sweetness of the malt is complemented by the roasted and chocolaty flavors provided by particular darker malts. The addition of cacao nibs results in a subtle chocolate finish, elevating this beer to the level of one of their most balanced and nuanced brews.

Availability throughout the fall and winter seasons

Pecan Maple Porter (5.2% ABV 28 IBU) 

The Pecan Maple Porter they make is a beautiful brown porter perfect for autumn and winter. The combination of home-roasted pecan bits, roasted barley, black patent malt, caramel malts, and just a touch of chocolate malt, together with 100% pure maple syrup, results in a beer with roasted nutty flavors with a hint of maple on the tip of your tongue.

Availability throughout the fall and winter seasons

Stiff Leg Belgian Tripel (9.0% ABV)

The Belgian Tripel they use as their trademark beer has a lovely light golden hue with white and creamy foam. Stiff Leg is a beer made with transparent candi sugar and large volumes of Belgian 2-row barley. It has a sweet malt complexity, with slight undertones of citrus and grapefruit, and it does not have strong tastes of alcohol.

Rotating Tap Throughout the Entire Year

Accidental Belgian Dubbel (7.6% ABV)

They accidentally brewed the Dubbel beer the first time, but you liked it, so they kept making it. They started with their initial mistake, adding darker malts and dark Belgian Candi sugar to create an authentic Dubbel with caramel and dark fruit flavors.

Rusted Red Ale (6.1% ABV 23 IBU)

This beer was presented for the first time at the Brewgaloo Beer festival in 2017. This red wine has a medium body and a sweet malt character with hints of toffee. The malt and light hop bitterness in Rusted Red are well balanced with one another. Hops from the Willamette region provide a somewhat flowery, earthy, and spicy finish. Learn more.