01.2 - outdoor spring cleaning

How to Get Started on Outdoor Spring Cleaning

With spring just around the horizon, homeowners will need to complete some demanding outside chores. You need to take care of your yard, power wash the outside of your house, plant your gardens, and clean your windows.

Preparing your gutters for April showers by cleaning them out and fixing any problems brought on by the winter months is something that is frequently forgotten but is an important item on any spring cleaning checklist.

Uncertain about where to start? Here is a list to get you going.

Remove the Muck

The harsh winter weather is hard on just about everything, even your gutters. Your gutters may fill up with debris over the winter, including twigs, branches, acorns, pine cones, filth, and muck. Before the spring buds and seedlings start to assemble in them, give them a thorough washing. After all, cleaning them in the spring would be twice as difficult, and delaying the cleaning increases the likelihood of leaks and damage.

Cut Off the Extras

Get the pruning shears (or chainsaw, if required; it might be best left to the specialists) out and do some pruning on all of those trees that hang over your roof. Your roof may suffer major damage from the overhanging branches, and the material they drop into your gutters may clog them. For instance, a fallen branch could destroy your gutters entirely or tear a hole in your home’s roof.

Check Security

For your home to remain in excellent condition during the spring floods, your gutters are crucial. So make sure your gutters are securely fastened to your home by giving them a gentle tug. If they aren’t, they risk completely falling off the house during the summer thunderstorms and strong spring showers. That might harm not only your gutter system but also your siding, roof, and foundation.

Check For Leaks

You must inspect your gutter system for leaks before the spring showers arrive. Keep an eye out for any cracks or holes in the caulking. You might need to replace specific components or possibly the entire system if they are extremely bad. Green mold on the roof or siding, rust, sagging, bending, and missing fasteners are further gutter-related symptoms.

Look Into The Downspouts

It is common knowledge that tennis balls, leaves, and other debris choke downspouts. Water and other debris can build up in your downspouts, which can result in leaks and other damage. Remove all of the leaves and other debris, then thoroughly clean them with water to unclog them.

Bring in a Specialist

Cleaning up your gutters is a messy job that could also be dangerous. After all, they are on the roof. Calling us will allow you to save a great deal of time and work. Your complete gutter system will be cleaned and checked for any needed repairs so that it is ready for the full spring season.