How To Save Money And Keep Your Gutter Cleaning And Home Maintenance Costs From Going Up As Prices Rise (2022 Update)

How To Save Money And Keep Your Gutter Cleaning And Home Maintenance Costs From Going Up As Prices Rise (2022 Update)

Concerns about COVID-19 are still there, and inflation has been rising, especially in 2022, to over 7%. Even though there are many reasons for inflation, it means that your home budget won’t cover as many costs as it used to. This includes regular costs like cleaning the gutters and mowing the lawn.

Costs for cleaning gutters, mowing the lawn, cleaning windows, and other regular home maintenance services can be “inflation-proofed” to a large degree, though. Taking a few simple steps like the ones below can cut your costs by 10–20% or more, even when inflation is taken into account. These tips from Fuquay Varina Gutter Cleaning & Power Washing can help homeowners save money on gutter cleaning and home maintenance this year:

Do Some Work Yourself Beforehand

We’re not telling you to start cleaning your own gutters or killing your own bugs. But you can help keep costs down by doing some work before you hire the service. Cut back any trees or plants that may be causing a lot of debris to end up in your gutters. Clean up around your house to make it easier and faster for workers to do their jobs. If a service provider comes to your house and sees trash and garbage piled up around it, broken-down cars in the driveway, or a pool full of leaves and other debris, you will be charged more.

Reserve services in Advance

When everyone on the block is trying to get their gutters cleaned out at the same time, it’s not the best time to get services like gutter cleaning. Supply and demand, old hat. We’re not saying you should have your gutters cleaned at the wrong times of the year. What we are saying is that if you book ahead, you will pay less. Most home services, like gutter cleaning, can be booked six months in advance. This means you’re usually locked in for the work and the price. And if you wait until the last minute to book, the price will always be higher. During busy times, a service that usually costs $200 can cost $300 or more.

Maintenance contracts are a good idea

When you can save money by signing up for an annual service agreement or maintenance contract, do it. For example, if your gutters need to be cleaned, sign up. You might have to agree to two or three cleanings, but then you’re locked into a price that’s much lower than if you got a quote at the last minute (when there is probably a bigger problem or more demand). Maintenance agreements can save you 20–40% on common home maintenance services like cleaning gutters, getting rid of bugs, taking care of your lawn, or having your windows cleaned.

Make sure your house is in good shape

Keeping things clean always costs less than cleaning them for the first time. That’s common knowledge. When money is tight and things are hard, it can be hard to keep your house in good shape, but it’s not impossible. If you have your gutters cleaned regularly, it will cost less to clean them in the long run. It’s cheaper to keep your lawn cut short than to let it grow to waist-high and then pay someone to cut it.

Ask for deals and refunds

Depending on where you live, this may be a little harder to do, but most, if not all, home services can be negotiated to some degree. Don’t argue with a service provider about the price, but do ask how you can save money. Send a friend or sign up for two cleanings? Simple. Schedule the work to be done when the vendor has more time. Do it. And don’t forget to ask if the vendor gives discounts to first responders, veterans, seniors, teachers, or people who belong to an association. Use it if you are eligible or have a right to it.

If you belong to a homeowners association, a neighborhood watch group, a garden club, or another local group that may all need the same service, ask the vendor if they can bundle you all together and give everyone a better price. Your employer may also be able to give you discounts on a number of home services. You should ask!

In conclusion

You don’t have to be a genius to keep upkeep costs, like gutter cleaning, from going up with inflation. You do have to plan ahead and look for ways to get a discount that is good for both you and the vendor. Things like cleaning the gutters should never be put off or skipped just because the service costs money. If you do nothing, the damage that clogged gutters can cause can cost more to fix than what it cost to clean them in the first place. A cleaning may cost $200, but fixing a roof that leaks because of water damage caused by clogged gutters can cost thousands. So don’t cheat yourself and your family by not cleaning your gutters. But if you look at our examples and get a little ahead of the game, you will be well on your way to making sure that your gutter cleaning costs and other costs don’t go up too much in the coming year.

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