The Beginnings of Needmore Farm

When people ask me how Needmore Farms came to be, I always provide a brief and straightforward explanation. Jesus. Yes, on a steamy, beautiful morning in June, Jesus did come to their house with a cargo of watermelons. He parked his car in their front yard. He had driven up from Florida with a new load of melons and was seeking a location to pull over and sell from while driving. He was worn out from driving, so I did not object when he asked if he could park for the day and focus on selling. Because he was in such a hurry to get out that morning, he neglected to bring a chair with him, and because it was such a hot day, sitting in his vehicle would have been unbearable.

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This was an excellent chance to put the phrase “Be nice to one another” into reality with my younger children at home, so I gathered them in the living room, and they discussed the things they might do to make Jesus’ day a little bit simpler. The young ladies concluded that he needed a chair, a few water bottles, and a sign upon which the price of his watermelon might be written. They were so excited that they ran off to get everything on their list and bring it to him. I will never forget the joy that shone inside one of their faces as it spread over their grins!

They spent the whole day sitting on the sofa and staring out the window at the various individuals who stopped to purchase the watermelon. When their father got home from work that day, they hurriedly left the house to be customers themselves and watched as other people stopped to buy the watermelon. Jesus, overwhelmed with gratitude for their generosity, joyfully bestowed upon them the enormous watermelon they had ever seen. After that, both of my daughters, along with their mother, were completely enamored with being friendly and eating watermelon.

Jesus continued to visit their home over the following several days to sell his delicious watermelons in the front yard. Then, later that day, he received a call for yet another trucking job just before he was about to leave for the day. Jesus needed to accept the job, but he still had quite a few watermelons left to sell, 

so he asked them if they would be interested in selling those watermelons and keeping the earnings instead of him since he still had quite a few watermelons left over. 

The delight I saw on my kids’ faces daughters was priceless. They had been there for days, watching him sell his watermelon alongside the road, and now it was going to be THEIR turn to sell the delicious fruit of the summer. They intended to use the money they made to purchase a greenhouse in which they could cultivate flowers.

So, both literally and symbolically speaking, it was Jesus who truly got them into this business. He sent a weary Hispanic guy who needed love to bring those watermelons to their yard. What distinguishes them from other people is their friendliness. He made it clear to them from an away that this was the cornerstone of their company, and they’ve always done that. Watermelons and Jesus are revered at Needmore Farms as two highly important things.

Shannon, the creative force behind Needmore Farms, can usually be found in one of three places: in a greenhouse planting seeds, pinching flowers, and creating mixed pots; in an office working on purchasing plants, website updates, payroll, or any other dull business-owner task; or behind the wheel of a 26-foot box truck that her kids claim she drives like a Ferrari through Washington, D.C. She will answer that it is never “work” If you ask her what she loves most about working at Needmore Farms, she will say, “When you can pursue your passions and have your family by your side.” working at Needmore Farms.

Since the beginning, Shelby has served as the company’s spokesperson. She is Shannon’s eldest child and has contributed to the development of Needmore Farms into the company it is today. Throughout the various growing seasons, she is in charge of sourcing produce from Florida to Pennsylvania and ensures that everything sold at the market is delectable and fresh. She responds that she enjoys the people the most about working at Needmore Farms. Shelby enjoys interacting with others and participating in the community.

Needmore Farms is lucky to have someone of Kyleigh’s caliber at the helm, as she has carried on her older sister’s legacy. As the manager of their pick-up and delivery department, it is her responsibility to ensure that orders are accurately assembled and delivered within the allotted time. Additionally, Kyleigh is a creative mind at work behind the camera. She is in charge of taking all of the images for Instagram, Facebook, and the website. In addition to assisting clients, Kyleigh may be seen operating the register and providing customer service. When asked what she appreciates most about working at Needmore Farms, she responds that one on her list is the opportunity to learn new things from customers and share those experiences with others.

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Within the Needmore Farms family, Zach is a senior brother. He is their Russian and Ukrainian-speaking employee who has assisted many Russian and Ukrainian families over the past few years. These days, he wears many hats at the market, including the head of receiving and gardens, working in the greenhouse with plant production, and being their Russian and Ukrainian-speaking employee. When questioned about his favorite aspect of working at Needmore Farms, he replies that being a part of a “family” company and having a variety of things to look forward to is at the top of his list. This helps to keep things interesting and exciting. In addition, he appreciates the opportunities that the community affords him to meet other individuals from Eastern Europe, connect with them, and speak his original language with them.

For more information, visit their website or call them at (919)-285-2976