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Piedmont Pottery may be found in Fuquay-Varina, located in North Carolina. The works of potters Jeff and Lisa Ross show traditional North Carolina traditions and classical styles inspired by the natural world, Celtic mythology, and the minimalism of Asia. Oxidation firing creates most of their one-of-a-kind pottery for the home and garden. The stoneware clays used in its creation come from nearby locations. In addition, they work with porcelain and produce works using the Raku technique.

To complement your one-of-a-kind character, each piece of jewelry they create is hand-made utilizing ceramic beads and pendants. The designs, which range from elegant to quirky, are produced to order. The pottery and jewelry shown on their website may be purchased in the gallery or through their online shop, and both can be seen as samples. In addition, they provide instruction in various pottery-making and photography skills via their programs. In addition, their workshop has a vast assortment of pre-made bisque pottery ready to be painted and available for purchase.


Pottery Making Classes

This workshop, which teaches the fundamental principles of hand-building, would be highly beneficial to participants with minimal to no experience working with clay and producing pottery. The students will develop an understanding of the characteristics of clay and the process of preparing clay for firing and glazing their creations. Techniques including coil construction, pinch pots, and slab construction will be some of the ones that will be covered in this class. The cost of the course will include 8 pounds of clay, and students will have the option to purchase additional clay. Students will have the opportunity to use several essential pieces of ceramic equipment that will be made available to them through the Studio. It is recommended that students bring an apron and a small hand towel they can use for personal purposes during the class.

Slab-building workshop

The target audience for this course is students who have Introduction to Clay or a period of similar difficulty and wish to advance their hand-building skills. The training will employ slab-building methods to create practical and aesthetically pleasing objects. The students will produce their pieces in the first week, which will be glazed. Five pounds of clay are included in the course price, and more clay may be purchased. There will be simple clay tools available for use in the Studio.

Open Studio Plan

Piedmont Pottery is pleased to share that an Open Studio Plan is now available. Students who have previously completed one or more pottery workshops at Piedmont Pottery are eligible to sign up for open studio slots on a first-come, first-served basis. Open studio slots are only available to students.

General Rules:

  1. The Studio’s visitors are responsible for cleaning up after themselves when they use the space. This covers the place that they worked in as well as any tools or equipment that they used.
  2. Each user is responsible for storing work on the assigned shelf space on ware boards. It is required for the user to remove wheelwork from bats and place it on ware boards within their available shelf space. (Those who do not meet this requirement intend to purchase and use their bats; such people are exempt.)
  3. If the students do not want their works-in-progress to become unusable due to drying out, they must cover them with plastic.
  4. The bisque and glaze firings will typically occur at least once every two weeks. However, the timing of these processes will be determined by the quantity of pottery ready to be fired. To keep the timetable for the sessions the same, pieces created by already enrolled students will be given preference for kiln space.
  5. Everyone who uses the pottery wheel is responsible for providing their tools. The staff at Piedmont Pottery cannot take responsibility for any tools or clay that are forgotten on the premises.
  6. Users of the Studio are required to have finished cleaning up before the facility closes.
  7. Open Studio is not intended to serve as a replacement for courses, and the staff will be delighted to answer questions and provide recommendations; instead, Open Studio is a time for individuals to work on their projects.

Photography Classes

To have a more in-depth appreciation of digital photography, it is necessary to be aware of the technology behind it and the particular language employed in the area. During this conversation, you will get an introduction to the principles of digital photography, and participants will understand how to navigate the terrain of this phenomenon that emerged in the 21st century. You will get familiar with the idea of digital photography, its distinctness from film photography, and the terminology linked with digital photography (e.g., pixels, megapixels, megabytes). This course will cover various photography tools, including digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, small point-and-shoot cameras, and smartphone cameras. And last, students will get an understanding of the many different options that are available for saving, sharing, and printing the images that they have taken themselves.

Team Building

For a training session for team building to be effective, they believe that the first step should be to develop an understanding of how the team is currently functioning, what challenges the team is facing both now and shortly, and what specific outcomes the team managers or leaders would like to achieve. Their basic approach is to provide the team members with tasks that must be performed collaboratively within a given time, utilizing materials and procedures with which the group members may or may not need to become more acquainted. These responsibilities come with very particular measures for measuring accomplishment. The challenge may be tweaked to emphasize the client’s desired issue, such as developing cooperation, managing with limited resources, or communicating more effectively. Clients also have the option of concentrating on an altogether other subject matter. The overriding goal is to improve cooperation among team members to achieve common goals, and it does not matter which area is selected to focus on for this improvement. There are options for training sessions that may run either a half day or a whole day; if desired, there is also a selection of lunch options that can be chosen from. Your choices will be the primary factor in determining the total cost.

Activities that Strengthen the Bonds Within a Team

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