The creation of Rock Solid Warrior is the result of a strong sense of community and fellowship as well as a family passion. The Auer family and their team are committed to assisting others in experiencing the fantastic sport of ninja warrior—and even succeeding in it. Discover the sport and neighborhood that they adore by accepting their invitation! Additional info.


To glorify God by offering top-notch, unique sports facilities and programs that push individuals of all ages to develop their bodies, abilities, and interpersonal connections while introducing them to the marvels of their Creator and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, to local families and beyond.



Like many others, they became fans of the American Ninja Warrior program because of its difficulty, thrill, and competitiveness. They have been preparing as a family for action by practicing, learning, exploring, participating, and giving back to the fantastic “ninja warrior” community.

Caleb, who has always been active, first experimented with parkour in his early teens and then subsequently with rock climbing at Triangle Rock Club. However, he and his brother Josh enthusiastically embraced the sport when Warrior Tech OCR launched in Morrisville, North Carolina, in 2017. They engaged in tournaments and rigorous training.


Caleb developed his ninja and design skills while obtaining his business degree. With an eye toward the future and staying true to their entrepreneurial roots, Caleb and Ken founded “Rock Solid Warrior LLC” shortly after graduation.

While holding the position of Day Camp Director at Warrior Tech, Caleb launched “Mobile Ninja Warrior” on the side. Ken oversaw the development of the Ninja Master program, which strengthened ties within the ninja community. And they all contributed to making this one of the nation’s biggest and best Ninja Warrior competitions, thanks to Mike Cook and Ultimate Backyard Warrior.


They continued to ask God to lead them to their gym at the right time, and one day He took them to the Fuquay Sports Center. At first, they were interested in the final space in the building, a 5000 square foot area. By God’s providence, a tenant decided to vacate a place over 8000 square feet in size in the same building. This area had almost everything they needed; all they had to do was fill it with barriers and rock walls!

The following day, Caleb showed Ken his revised plan. What God had given him the ability to put together in only a few hours astounded both of them.

Yes, they give God the glory for enabling them to build a location that would serve as an outgrowth of their family, which has put its faith in Jesus Christ as its Lord. Before they had a solid strategy, the term “Rock Solid Warrior” was given to them. Caleb and Josh have decided to wear “Matthew 7:24-27” on their jerseys while competing on American Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior Junior. Jesus said the words in this verse when He was on earth.

They’d be more than happy to explain to you how, through His grace, Jesus has served as the foundation around which they have constructed their lives. Grace is something they got rather than something they earned. This kindness is “unmerited.” They want you to experience grace and tranquility when you visit their gym.


Rock climbing center ninja warrior gym competition fun and total body fitness

You’ll see why ninja warrior training and rock climbing have gained popularity as soon as you enter. These activities provide significant functional, total-body conditioning while affordable for everyone, from non-athletes to professionals.

At Rock Solid Warrior, you may improve strength, flexibility, agility, and focus while also becoming in shape.




Both of their locations in Fuquay Varina and South Apex offer a Ninja Warrior Track Out Camp and a Summer Camp for children aged 5 to 12 right here in this same building.

Your kids will enjoy themselves immensely in an atmosphere that is both secure and exciting at either of their two locations in Fuquay-Varina or South Apex; all of these places are conveniently located. Their mission is to provide an environment where children may run, climb, swing, jump, and play until they are completely worn out and ready to go home. In addition, they provide a wide variety of games and activities for children who want to spend only some of the day climbing on the obstacles.

Their Track Out Camps are intended to be adaptable and flexible throughout the school year so that they can accommodate your schedule. A whole week, full-day and half-day options are all available, in addition to before and after care services. You may also buy permits to utilize your camp days whenever you need them, and you can do either.



Their Ninja classes at Rock Solid Warrior are designed to help you take your Ninja skills to the next level! Because of their passion and experience, many of their coaches have competed in American Ninja Warrior. They will cooperate with you to make sure you can achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Their training sessions are designed to accommodate the varying skill levels of each participant and to push them to their full potential.

Their Ninja lessons at Rock Solid Warrior will help you take your Ninja skills to the next level! Because of their dedication and expertise, several instructors have participated in American Ninja Warrior. They’ll collaborate with you to ensure that you can accomplish the goals which you have set for yourself. Their training sessions are designed to accommodate the varying skill levels of each participant and to push them to their full potential.


On the television program “American Ninja Warrior,” Have you ever pondered the requirements for “hitting the buzzer” and “beating that wall”?”? You may decide the solution for yourself with their assistance!

At Rock Solid Warrior, they provide a lot of the same training and obstacles for people of all skill levels, from young children (starting at age 5) to competitors in the adult and junior circuits of American Ninja Warrior.

They also cover you if you want to add a little ninja warrior exercise to your fitness regimen.

Their Ninja Warrior training gym is 8,000 square feet, large enough to accommodate multiple beginners, intermediate, and advanced level classes, so you can usually bring the whole family at once.

Ages 5 to 13 are targeted for their Kids Intro Class, while ages 5 to 7 are targeted for their Level 1-3 classes. Their target student-to-coach ratio is 6:1. They always warm up before class and teach them how to fall. They usually have three stations with three obstacles each, followed by a workout. The coaches will lead the kids through the stations, keeping an eye out for them and offering them advice.

Please consider attending “Ninja Night” if you are 14 or older. They have set up two courses, one with a lower level of difficulty and one with a higher level, as well as a variety of side balance and upper body challenges. Suppose you need more time to be ready for that. In that case, you can begin with the “Adult Intro to Ninja” class, in which you will learn the fundamental moves, vocabulary, safety precautions, and how to put together a “ninja workout.”

For more information, visit their website or call them at (919) 307-7448

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