Spring Cleaning: What to Know Before Pressure Washing Your Home

Spring Cleaning: What to Know Before Pressure Washing Your Home

The start of spring might come sooner than we anticipate if that infamous groundhog is after all prescient. Of course, that warmer weather is already here in some parts of the United States, like Fuquay Varina. Spring cleaning is frequently seen as an important element of the rejuvenation that occurs at this time of year.

The winter months damage the exteriors of homes in numerous places. Ground salt is dispersed by wind, snow, and ice to inflict damage, and cold air can cause paint to crack and flake off. You can want to pressure wash the exterior of your home this upcoming season in the spirit of spring cleaning. It’s a fantastic approach to thoroughly remove the dirt and restore the luster to your home. Here are some things you should be aware of before pulling out the pressure washer or hiring a Fuquay Varina power washing company.

What You Should Know About Power Washing and Pressure Washing in the Spring: Should You Heat It?


There is only one significant difference between pressure washing and power washing, and that is heat. Pressure washing and power washing both pressurize water and drive it through a nozzle, however, power washing also adds heat whereas pressure washing does not. At first glance, this distinction might appear insignificant, yet the additional heat results in a cleaner surface. After all, the majority of us use hot water when we wash our hands and shower to help kill bacteria and remove extra dirt and dead skin.

However, power cleaning doesn’t always offer the greatest solution due of its heating component. On some surfaces, it should actually be avoided. For instance, this pressure and heat might actually cause damage to concrete and brick. Pressure cleaning is the more secure choice that still accomplishes the task for these and other delicate surfaces. However, power washing works well for cleaning surfaces that are covered in mud, moss, or mold.


Even hot water sprayed through a tiny nozzle is insufficient for a thorough cleaning. A container for cleaning agents is also included in pressure and power washers. For all surfaces in the house, a single type of detergent would be ideal. You must consider the material you are cleaning and the solution that is safest and most effective for it. Unfortunately, different chemical compositions have different effects on different surfaces. For instance, Sporex-containing solutions can be used to destroy mold, mildew, and moss on wooden decks, fences, and siding. A single detergent naturally contains multiple ingredients, and additional aspects like the influence on the environment must also be taken into account.


Regardless of the heat, certain surfaces might suffer damage from excessive water pressure. For example, be aware that pressure-cleaning asphalt shingles could ruin their texture and perhaps take them off your roof completely. It’s advisable to carefully inspect your wooden features before pressure washing them because wood that has been weakened by moisture or rot may also be harmed.

If you’re intending to hire Fuquay Varina house painters this spring, bear in mind that pressure washing is also likely to remove paint and stains from the outside surfaces of your home. Of course, if you’re going to apply a new coat anyhow, this is not a problem. Before painting a home, Fuquay Varina Gutter Cleaning and Power Washing professionals pressure wash the exterior. This makes it easier for the fresh coat of paint to stick to the surface.


Last but not least, you must fully understand how a pressure washer operates and what it is capable of before using one. Although it may not appear scary, these machines are capable of exerting 2,000 pounds of force. You don’t want to be struck directly by the stream or by any flying shrapnel. The process becomes much riskier when heat is included in the mix.

In order to avoid injury while using a pressure washer, it is best to invest in personal protection equipment, such as the appropriate goggles, gloves, boots, and clothing. Learn the right techniques for aiming and distance, be aware of the ideal nozzles for each circumstance, and refrain from blasting power outlets. Hire a professional pressure cleaning service, such as Fuquay Varina Gutter Cleaning and Power Washing, if all of this worries you too much. Your entire exterior will be thoroughly cleaned before receiving a new coat of paint.

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