The Danger Of Foam Gutter Guards

The Danger Of Foam Gutter Guards

Gutter guards in general, whether made of foam or another substance, can cause major issues with your gutter system. The ineffectiveness of these goods might cause homeowners extra headaches and frustration.


Foam gutter guards are very troublesome. Although they are frequently touted as long-lasting, low-cost, and simple to install, foam gutter guards have some severe drawbacks.


Gutter guards are protection devices that are installed on the top of your gutters. The gutter guard is designed to allow rainfall to enter the gutter while keeping out leaves, branches, and other debris. Gutter guards are designed to keep your gutters clear so that water may readily drain away from your roof.


A foam gutter guard is designed to keep water out of gutters by absorbing water and allowing it to flow into the gutter, leaving debris atop the guards. This is one of five basic gutter guard designs. The other four designs are as follows:


  1. Gutter Guards Made of Mesh

These gutter guards are primarily made of metal and have holes drilled throughout the gutter guard to allow water to filter into the gutter.


  1. Gutter Guards Made from Bottle Brushes

Constructed with bottle brushes and tiny bristles to keep bigger trash out of the gutter.


  1. Gutter Screen Guards

Mesh design, but with a screen system to filter water while blocking debris.


  1. Gutter Guards with a Reverse Curve

Gutter guards, maybe the original design, have fallen out of favor in modern dwellings.


Foam gutter guards are not recommended by the Fuquay Varina Gutter Cleaning & Power Washing team. To put it simply, they are more bother than they are worth. Our cleaning crew frequently encounters broken, fractured, or otherwise compromised foam gutter guards, increasing the cost of cleaning for homeowners.


Gutter guards have three significant drawbacks in addition to cleaning fees.


They do not have the advertised shelf life.

If you go to Home Depot, Lowes, or any other home improvement store, you’ll see “durable” foam gutter guards promoted. While a certain foam gutter guard product may live up to its advertising when compared to other foam gutter guards, it falls short when compared to the durability of metal gutter guards, yet even metal gutter guards have severe concerns.


As a result, foam gutter guards may deteriorate or crack in as little as 1-2 years. Even though foam is less expensive than metal, updating your gutter guards on a regular basis will cost you more money in the long run.


A Deep Clean is Difficult to Complete

Mesh and screen materials are simple to clean, disinfect, and shine. Water and bacteria can penetrate deep into foam gutter guards, making it impossible to sanitize to the same extent as metal.


This is another aspect that contributes to the withering, cracking and general short lifespan of foam gutter guards.


They can occasionally grow their own blockage.

There have been instances of foam gutter guards attracting so much water and soil that when a couple of seeds got caught, they ended up sprouting their own small plants in the gutter guard if left long enough and under the correct conditions.


In many cases, the inadequate design of foam gutter guards directly leads to bad results for your gutters.


To summarize, don’t get foam gutter guards! Protect your home properly.


When compared to the unreliability and troublesome nature of gutter guards, the expense of hiring a professional gutter cleaning service to service your home throughout the year will soon save time and money.

If you are a homeowner who is concerned about the cleanliness or durability of your gutters, contact Fuquay Varina Gutter Cleaning & Power Washing at (919) 646-5009 for a free quote. Our gutter cleaning professionals will gladly demonstrate why gutter cleaning service is superior to foam gutter protectors.