What are the Best Gutter Cleaning Tools?

What are the Best Gutter Cleaning Tools?

Hand trowels and shovels, garden hoses, leaf rakes, and leaf blowers are the best things to use to clean gutters. Even though there are some high-tech tools available, the best way to clean gutters and downspouts is still by hand.


Cleaning gutters also requires one or more ladders (usually an extension ladder that goes up to 20 feet and a step ladder that goes up 10 to 12 feet), buckets, trash bags, gloves, eye protection, screw or nut drivers, and landscape coverings

What Does Get Catch in the Gutters?

Before you can figure out what tools you’ll need for the job, you need to know what’s in your gutters. Most likely, there is a thin layer of silt at the bottom of your gutters. This is made up of small pieces of dirt, fine pieces of dust, and sand. The silt layer collects under everything else and builds up over time to make a thin layer at the bottom of the gutters.


On top of the silt, you can find a lot of plant matter and other organic materials. If you live near trees, you’ll probably find leaves or pine needles in the gutters. If the seeds of different plants stay in the gutters for long enough, they may start to grow in the silt. Small sticks and twigs also get caught in the leaves. Most gutter clogs are caused by things that grow.


You might also find things like tennis balls or toys that are not made of living things. This is more likely to happen if you live with or live near children. Otherwise, you might find bug nests, animal nests, or parts of a roof that is falling apart.

How do you get rid of dirt and other junk?

There are different kinds of dirt and junk that can get stuck in your gutters, so you’ll need different kinds of tools to clean them. For the silt layer, you’ll need something that can scoop it up and break up the dirt layers so that the rest can be easily washed away. For other, bigger materials, a claw-like tool can be used to get large piles of trash out of the way.

What are the best tools for cleaning out the gutters?

Some of the best tools to use are handheld cultivators, trowels, pressure washers, vacuum tools (like leaf vacuums and leaf blowers), and manual weed removal tools. Using a variety of tools will help you get everything out of your gutters and leave you with a clean system at the end of the day. Most of the time, garden hoses come in handy at the end of cleaning, when you want to make sure all the little bits are gone.

Our services for cleaning gutters

If the downspouts are dirty, you might be able to clear the debris out with a pressure washer or a garden hose. But if there’s a clog, you’ll probably have to take the gutters apart at the top and push the clog through to the bottom, or to the next seam, which you may also take apart for convenience. If you don’t know how to do this safely and without damaging the gutters, you might want to call a professional.

Tools for cleaning gutters aren’t anything special, and most people already have things like these in their sheds or garages that they use for other things around the house. This season, grab your trusted cultivator or pressure washer and climb the ladder to clean the gutters. If you’d rather spend your weekend relaxing and let professionals clean your gutters, you can get a quote for gutter cleaning here and then go get another beer.