The Bentwinds Golf and Country Club is a welcoming private club located in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina. The club provides its member families, as well as its guests, with an exceptional array of social and recreational activities. Bentwinds, which spans 350 acres, is a community that brings together families and fosters friendships that last a lifetime. Additional info.


Bentwinds Golf & Country Club started at the Sippahaw Country Club, situated on downtown Fuquay Varina’s outskirts. At that time, 266 members leased property from Jack Blanchard. Bentwinds Golf & Country Club was founded there. These members had a vision of a country club that was more than just a golf club; rather, it would be a recreation club for the entire family.

This family-friendly country club was built on land purchased in 1977 from WDS Farms, owned by FB West Jr., James Dickens, and James Slaughter. The club members voted to buy the land and made the purchase. The move from Sippahaw to Bentwinds would not have been possible without the contributions of Jim Bullock, Kenneth Cotten, and Joe Chappell. They’re all nominated for positions on the first Board of Directors for Bentwinds.

By 1980, the “Bent-winds” golf course and the pro shop had opened for business, and construction on the swimming pool and tennis courts had begun. Bentwinds Golf & Country Club was officially established as the name of the course in 1986. After the clubhouse was built, the founding fathers’ dream was finally fully realized.

Many of the original Sippahaw visionaries and their descendants are among their four hundred members.


Bentwinds, an original design by Tom Hunter, was carved out of verdant farmlands, towering pines, and oak trees. In 2005 and 2006, under the direction of Kris Spence, a significant renovation was done to a golf course that featured a straightforward design but had a great deal of personality. Mr. Spence started with a solid foundation and redesigned their greens, bunkers, and fairways to create a well-defined course blueprint that features memorable rounds every time they are played.



Bentwinds’ first nine holes are a par 36 that play 3,400 yards from the back and 2,700 yards from the front tees, respectively. The first nine holes include two lengthy par 5s, five finely designed par 4s, and two difficult par 3s. On your trip, you will come across luscious fairways, well-maintained greens, and a variety of hazards.

When the player has finished the front side, they can go to the Bar & Grill and get their favorite refreshments when it is their turn. A refreshing beverage and something to eat will provide the player with the necessary nourishment to enjoy the back nine of the course.


The distance from the back tees on the back nine is slightly more than 3,300 yards, while the distance from the front tees is 2,600 yards. Both par 5s on the back nine are risk-reward holes, allowing you to make an eagle or possibly a bogey, depending on how well you play. There are five par four holes, each presenting a unique challenge and calling for a diverse set of clubs. Although the par 3s are relatively short, they require accuracy and putting finesse due to the undulating greens.


Players must execute accurate tee shots and solid iron play to reach the well-guarded green complexes on the course’s final three holes. These holes are challenging but not unfair.

After the player has completed their round, they can relax, take a few deep breaths, and enjoy a refreshing beverage in either the bar and grill or outside on the deck that overlooks the picturesque 18th hole.


Bentwinds knows their children are the potential Jordan Spieth, Michael Phelpses, and Serena Williams of the world. They work hard to give them experiences that will assist them in achieving their goals or allow them to enjoy being kids.

Bentwinds provides four Summer Camps, Group Clinics and Individual Lessons to assist rising stars in their early development. The golf experts at Bentwinds are committed to instilling a lifelong love of the game in their younger members.


Weekday camps during the summer offer the following:


The PGA Jr. League provides young people, both male and female, with a chance to learn and enjoy the game of golf in an environment that is friendly, engaging, and welcoming to all. Teams of competitors compete while donning numbered jerseys. Their friends, just as in other recreational league sports.

Each team is led by a PGA or LPGA Professional, who also fills the role of coach and is at the forefront of fostering an inclusive atmosphere in which players of all skill levels may enjoy the game. The famous scramble style is used in PGA Jr. League Golf, which helps to foster an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and growth both on and off the course.


The events scheduled on their calendar shift from year to year. A few of their upcoming family events are as follows:



The pool is ideal for relaxing and spending quality time with family, either very early or late in the day. In addition to aspects of competition for the Barracudas Swim Team, this pool has six lanes for swimming laps, a diving well in the deep end, a zero-depth entry shallow end with a mushroom, bubblers, built-in seating, and more! In addition, the sporting facility has a kitchen, a complete bar, and an outdoor dining area that is covered, allowing members to take a break from the sunlight while remaining in the shade.


The Bentwinds swim team, known as the Barracudas, competes in weekly swim meets throughout the summer, both at home and away. The healthy competition and community it fosters are enjoyable for children and their parents.


Four hard courts, two hybrid pickleball courts, an outdoor pavilion, a practice backboard, and lights for night play are included in the Bentwinds Tennis Facilities.

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Big NC Tennis and the Junior Golf, Swim, and Tennis Camp their club hosts each summer offer opportunities to participate in instructional programs.

For more information, visit their website or call them at (919) 552-5656